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Liaoning magnesia-chrome brick refractory ceramic fiberboard nano-ceramic fiberboard

Liaoning Magnesium Chrome Brick Fire Protection Module

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Liaoning Magnesium Chrome Brick Fire Protection Module

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Fire-proof module - the best material for fire-proof plugging of wires, cables and electrical appliances! Liaoning magnesia-chrome brick

With the development of industry and the improvement of people's living standards, fire-proof materials are now more and more used in the field of fire prevention. This is because the fireproof module is non-flammable, high temperature, high compression resistance is the strongest, the most outstanding performance. Therefore, the fire prevention module is pre-set to the desired appropriate shape in advance, and the application of fire prevention plugging for power cables, cables and electrical appliances is the best!

Fire suppression module

I. Product Characteristics

DM-A3-CD05 fire-retardant module is made of advanced non-toxic fire-retardant expansion material and special technology. Mainly used in the power, communications, metallurgy, petrochemical industry and other industries of wires, cables, electrical appliances fire-proof plugging, is the traditional plugging materials of the update products.

Fire-resistant time is long: the national fire-resistant building materials supervision and inspection center inspection, fire-resistant time up to 180 minutes, the enterprise laboratory testing, the actual fire-resistant time up to 280 minutes.

The validity period is long: due to the use of inorganic expansion materials and a small amount of high-efficiency bonding materials, the accelerated aging test proves that the validity period can reach more than 15 years, and the validity period of fire retardant packs is generally three years

od water resistance: The test proves that the product has no swelling, deformation and collapse after soaking in water for one year, and is suitable for use in cable trench with water.

High mechanical strength: high elasticity, because of the use of inorganic materials bonding, moulding curing, the measured compressive strength of 0.8 MPa, is 16 times that of the flame retardant package (0.05 MPa), containing a small amount of high-glued materials, elastic, conducive to the protection of cables and subsequent dismantlement, which is an important feature of this product different from traditional inorganic plugging materials.

Convenient construction: Due to the use of a small amount of glue-bonded materials, coupled with the unique concave-convex self-locking shape, the sealing wall has high mechanical strength and is not easy to collapse. It is especially suitable for sealing large holes such as standard cable trenches. Because of its good plasticity, it is easy to cut and punch holes according to the conditions of holes and cables. It is more compact and reliable than the flame-proof package.

Light weight: the measured dry density is 0.5t/m3, the national standard requirement is not more than 2.0t/m3, and the weight is less than one third of the national standard, which can greatly reduce the load of plugging materials on cable bridges and buildings.

Green environmental protection: using inorganic expansion fire retardant material, non-toxic and odorless after thermal expansion.

Rat bite prevention: A special and environmentally friendly substance is added to the product ingredients to prevent small animals and mice from biting.

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